Dangerous Foods in the Book, Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Foot Giants Hooked Us

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The book Salt, Sugar, and Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us discusses the danger of food with its readers. The dangers of food discussed in the book are the ingredients of Salt, Sugar and Fat in the food individuals consume on a daily basis. Producers use these ingredients to their advantage to get the consumers bliss point. The bliss point attained is used by the food giants to achieve a profit. However due to research on the health risks of these ingredients food companies are strategizing in order to maintain their profit and earn more of a profit. In Chapter nine the author informs the readers about the Company Oscar Mayer. Oscar Mayer is known for its bologna foods and the popular Lunchables. Bologna is a product that is full of salt and saturated fat. Bologna was losing its appeal due to the health risks associated with it. The health risks associated with bologna is heart attacks and strokes. The Oscar Mayer Company created a low fat bologna food and marketed the Bologna product however the profit received was slipping. The Oscar Mayer team decided to come up with a product that is known today as Lunchables. Lunchables became a popular product due to the fact it was convenient. The convenience of Lunchables was due to the fact that it was a chilled prepared food. The original Lunchables contained red meat, cheese, crackers, a napkin and a juice. Since the Lunchables gained a lot of attention the producers of Lunchables decided to add various different kinds of Lunchables. Lunchables varied from pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and more. The new kinds of Lunchables also included sugary drinks and desert such as cookies and or candy. Researchers studied the Lunchables and deemed them a disaster. They stated that Lunchables co... ... middle of paper ... ...pened my eyes to the health risks of the food I consume. There is a lot of health risks associated with the foods on the shelves at the supermarket. A food product I ate as a child was Lunchables. At the time I just thought the food was good. Although, now that I am aware of what I put in my body I try to look at the ingredient and the food products I consume before I consume them. The book also informed me of the deceitfulness of people in order to make a profit. A prime example in Chapter eleven is the Kraft Company. The Kraft Company state they want to decrease the amounts of salt, sugar and fat in their products. On the other hand, Kraft creates new products with an increased amount of these ingredients. Many companies state that they try to fulfill the desires of consumers. This idea is wrong. The consumers study what our body craves and uses it against us.
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