Argumentative Essay On Nationalism

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Nationalism is the connection we feel towards a nation or nation-state. It can be seen that the source supports nationalism to some extent. We should embrace nationalism and exclude the concept of patriotic ultranationalism to some degree. The love for one 's nation should not be put above humanity. We have seen in the past that the love for a nation overrides the love for humanity. Ultra Nationalism in the past has lead to the eight stages of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The cause of the second world war was because of Hitler 's ultra nationalistic pursuit.. These beliefs have also caused many genocides and war throughout the past.The author of the source believes that nationalism is somewhat a good thing. If nationalism gets mixed up with…show more content…
We have seen this in the past when Quebec wanted to be referendums from Canada, twice. Rather than sharing the same sovereign government with Canada, they wanted to separate and become their own nation state. One of Canada 's biggest reason for being a bilingual country is because of their connection with Quebec and them being French. If Quebec were to separate, it would cause political tension between north american countries because of NAFTA. NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement) is the agreement of no tariffs between countries in North America. With Quebec on its own, it would be another country in North America. It could question their involvement with North America and the rest of the world. Therefore, nationalism has caused separation movements and has been a negative…show more content…
The French culture in Canada is greatly respected throughout society. Canada being one of the many counties that are bilingual, Canadians take pride in that. Other ways to show nationalism and pride is through symbols recognized throughout the nation. Canadians will put their flags where ever they get the chance. Every school in Canada sings the national anthem to show our love and respect for our nation. Canadians also take pride in celebrating Canada day together by watching fireworks or throwing parties. Canadians have a strong sense of belonging to their nation because of the diversity of people, and that has influenced the pride Canadians have to their nation. Therefore, nationalism has had a positive influence by raising levels of pride and more senses of belonging within
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