Argumentative Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Jose J. Barragan English Composition 113 Professor Auville-Parks April 28th, 2014 Anti-Illegal Immigration Several states have specific cultures, primarily created from multiple races, ethnicities, or nationalities, which are seen in countries like Austria, France, Russia, Serbia, Japan, Mexico and countless other states. The United States of America is greatly different from those aforementioned states above, in that the U.S. is a huge melting pot. The term melting pot is usually always associated with the United States, due to the many cultures that make up the country, which mix together to conform a country's society. The U.S. has also been called a "nation founded by immigrants", because every citizen of the country has immigrant ancestry. Large numbers of illegal individuals from other countries come to the United States every year to seek benefits and to fulfill their "American dream”; all while they really steal the “American dream” from the lawful legal citizens of the United States and cause dysfunction in our society, economy, and etc. There are different ways to look at the national issue of immigration. There are a lot of people against immigration for various reasons. One main one would be, that as a nation we fail to punish illegal activity, which in return encourages more illegal activity, inspire offenders, breeds public distrust, and confuses others from adhering to laws. Illegal activity that goes unpenalized, menaces American ethics of law and order. Criminal demeanors should not be tolerated, nor illegal aliens that show condescension for the ideals and laws that make America the land of freedom and ambition. These types of criminals exploit the hospitality and tenderness of the American society. These such... ... middle of paper ... ...gally. If you try to cross the border and get caught, we send you back. If you do manage to make it across, you probably will not get caught. In basis, the costs for "illegal re-entry" into the U.S. are severe, but in actuality they are actually non-existent. The backup concept, would be if you get caught in the United States illegally, we fingerprint you, take a deoxyribonucleic acid sample, and you are to never be allowed to become a U.S. citizen. The United States of America’s national immigration problem has sparked many bitter altercations and deliberations among the political spectrum of the United States government. Approximately thirteen million illegal immigrants are currently residing within United States borders. The processes involved in both legal and illegal immigration needs to be reformed and become more restrictive towards those illegal immigrants.

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