Argumentative Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Immigration is the key to diversity in the United States. The United States (U.S.) opened its borders and shores many years ago, allowing foreign nationals into the country. Foreign nationals refer to the U.S. as “the land of opportunity”; this belief drives foreign nationals to migrate to the country. Foreign nationals must register with the U.S. government and obtain the proper documentation to become legal U.S. citizens. Illegal immigrants and/or undocumented workers are foreign nationals that do not register with the U.S. government upon entering the U.S., or they overstay the allotted time of their temporary nonimmigrant visas. Illegal immigrant and/or undocumented workers receive the same benefits as U.S. citizens such as health, public housing, and educational often while avoiding paying state and federal taxes. The U.S. government must do a better job of monitoring the status foreign nationals. Citizens of other countries often migrate to other nations to escape past or future…show more content…
Employers pay undocumented workers less than minimum wage and do not provide fringe benefits. This causes a decrease in the job market for U.S. citizens. The economic status of the U.S. may balance because of the funds that the undocumented workers place back into the economy through the purchase of goods and services from local firms. The federal government is focusing its efforts on reducing the number of undocumented worker with the use of E-verify (Zavodny, 2016). E-verify is an internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employee to work in the United States. Half a million businesses uses the E-verify system (USCIS, 2013). However, tracking and monitoring undocumented workers and illegal foreign nationals cause the U.S. to spend additional funds on policing, childcare, healthcare, and public
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