Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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1197 words

America is one of the most diverse country who has almost every single race in the world. Even though they came from varieties of backgrounds, ethnicities, and races, they can work and help together as one as they live in the same country, America. However, as the time goes by, there is more and more people who come to the United States with the intention of becoming an American citizen. A lot of people came to the Unites States have a holiday here, yet as the limited time goes by, they did not go back to their country because they still want to live in the United States. As a result, nowadays, there are a lot of illegal immigrant who do not have a legal permit to stay in the United States. They are being treated the same as an American citizen, however, they do not do the same to the country. Moreover, they do not have to be responsible for America as they do not have to pay tax, yet they can make a living by working illegally without paying …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that america is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with almost every single race. however, as time goes by, more and more people come to the united states with the intention of becoming an american citizen.
  • Explains that obama and the other democrats support the idea of protecting all the people in the united states by giving them the same benefits and treatments as american citizens.
  • Argues that the illegal immigrants have made the american workers lack jobs. donald trump said that america is a dumping ground for violent gangs and "anchor babies."
  • Opines that it would have been better if the illegal immigrants tried to become legally immigrants by earning visa, green card, or participating in the citizenship test.
  • Opines that illegal immigrants give advantages to small businesses and help them find a better life in the u.s.

It would have been better if the illegal immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for years, try to become a legal immigrant by earning visa, green card, or participating in the citizenship test. By coming to the U.S. with intend of working in there with a valid working visa is one way to earn money in the U.S. They will not make the American citizens suffer to pay the taxes to cover the illegal immigrants, yet they still can stay and earn money in the United States. It would have been fairer for both sides. Not only they can earn a working visa to be in the United States, but they also can get their citizenship by doing the citizen test. Not only it will benefit the American citizen, but it will also improve the education in the United States by paying the taxes. The illegal immigrants who become a legal immigrant will also get a health care benefit and workers right in the

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