Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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I decided that I am voting for Dr. Jill Stein from the Green Party because I believe she has the most compelling argument regarding climate change in the United States. I will not be voting for Donald Trump, a Republican candidate, because his ideas are not plausible. I firmly believe climate change is an extreme threat that needs to be taken seriously. If we keep ignoring it and do not take the necessary actions needed, the environment is going to suffer. Trump has made claims before that this is a hoax, when there is clear scientific evidence saying that our planet is being abused. These aggressive statements and viewpoints are not ideal for a potential leader. If he does not care about something this crucial, what else is he going to ignore?…show more content…
This would cause a threat to the local water resources” (Stone). This causes the nearby areas to be at a water shortage. It would also cause a huge risk of drinking unhealthy water, due to the harmful chemicals fracking has caused the water to be unsafe to drink.. In an article titled “Jill Stein on Energy and Oil” from On The Issues, Stein states, “she will begin an immediate transition to get 100% clean and renewable energy by the year 2030” (On The Issues). This is a real possibility and I believe Stein will do the things she promises. She wants to do this by cutting out unnecessary, unclean energy, like…show more content…
This would include wind power, but equally important, solar power. Green energy is the future for the United States. Renewable resources are not only better environmentally, but economically versus its nonrenewable counterparts (fossil fuels). They are independent and save costs long-term. With funding to build and develop solar power and wind turbines, damaging environmental impacts would be lessened. Fracking and other harmful energy processes will no longer be needed. Of course, like everything, this is going to take time. Switching to green and clean energy will be a slow, but rewarding

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