Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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Global Warming, It’s Killing Us!
Global warming! It’s killing our planet. Wake up America! Our planet as we know it is coming to an end! Why you may ask? Good question. I am just like you. I always thought global warming would just heat up our planet and that’s all. I did not realize how wrong I was. Have you ever wondered why our planet is having areas with major droughts, or why our planet is getting unusually hot, or even wondered why there are such weird weather conditions that are very unusual? Ranging from the devastating floods in China and the Philippines to droughts in Africa, the same extreme weather patterns that have hit the United States! There is a new report that says climate change has. annually, caused 400,000 deaths and
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The express, a news company has just gave 100 reason why global warming is natural but when one looks at the facts it is simply not true. Our earth has had a steady temperature for over 100 years (Nasa)! 100 hundred years! Than one day these so called things called “humans” started building all of their factories are they completely besmirched our world (Nasa). The year, is 1800 all 196 countries have been holding a steady CO2 level for thousands upon thousands years (Ossfindation.USS). The earth should be cooling right now because that would be it’s “natural cycle” since the earth was in its warming period 10,000 years ago and now it needs to be in a slight cooling period (Nasa). However something happened in the the 1800’s that changed everything. Instead of the earth being in its “cooling period”, it is now in its “warming period” (Nasa). The reason why is what many scientists call global warming, a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth 's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants (Oxford Dictionary). In the 1800’s humans created the first factories. The population also grew bigger due to the food surplus’ therefore leaving more houses and more fires and factories that sent CO2 into the air (Ossfindation.USS). Time went on and it was in 1940 that scientists realized the first major change due to the results of global warming (Nasa). The temperature had rising .2 of a degrees (UCAR)! By 1980 the temperature had risen .5 degrees (UCAR) and by 2010 it has increased 1.4 degrees (National Geographic). Wake up America! 1.4 degrees is a huge change, it has caused the sea level to rise 4-8 inches (National Geographic), it has also caused the polar ice caps to decrease at the rate of 9 percent per decade (NRDC). Those changes are not “natural!” Those changes are

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