Fracking : The Dangers Of Fracking

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The Dangers of Fracking
Fracking is quickly becoming a debatable topic in our society today. The practice involves injecting fluid into the ground to fracture rock in order to release natural gas. It sounds like it would be a safe way to harness fuels in the earth’s surface, but it actually is a danger to our environment. Because of the dangers of fracking, what little fresh water remains on earth is being contaminated. It is also releasing toxins into the airs creating contaminated air and acid rain. Because of the many health and environmental dangers of fracking, it should be stopped immediately to help prevent more worldwide health issues down the road.
The process of fracking is very simple. Around 800 gallons of water is used as the base of what is called fracking fluid. Along with this, sand and 600 toxic chemicals are used to create the fluid. The fluid is then transported from a manufacturing plant to the site. It is then injected at high pressures into the ground through dilled pipelines. The fluid contains chemicals that keep these pipes from rusting over time. The fluid then reaches a well where it causes the nearby shale rock to fracture. This releases any trapped fuel in the rocks. Gravity and pressure is then used to force the fluid out of the pipes back to the surface. The fluid is then taken and left it large holes to evaporate. This causes release of chemicals and also leakage into ground water (Dangers of Fracking).
One of the biggest natural resources used in fracking is water. On average, around one to eight million gallons of water are used on a fracture job. There are also around 500,000 active fracture sites around the world and each site can be fractured around 18 times. This means that roughly 72 trill...

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...king have been placed on shale fracking. This is where fuel is fracked from the harder surfaces, causing more affects to the earth. They do allow tight gas fracking, which is not a dangerous (Inside Climate News). Either form of fracking have many worried about what the future of the country will be.
No matter how you look at the effects of fracking, the loose is greater than the gain. It could help the country economically, by providing many jobs and being able to produce our own fuels. We would save a lot of money, but would be wasting our environment. The effects of the chemicals used would slowly be killing us. They would be left in our ground water and we would consume this without even knowing. Our water sources would become so contaminated that we would not be able to consume it. If we do not stop fracking now, we will only be asking for a dangerous future.

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