Argumentative Essay: Do Aliens Exist?

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The idea of aliens has been around for several decades. We have all been familiarized with that idea, especially considering that there are several Hollywood film productions that portray aliens in multiple ways. Movies ranging from the heartwarming, family-friendly E.T., to the horrifying Prometheus, to the action-packed comedy the Men in Black trilogy have led us to all the same question, do aliens actually exist? There are two simple one-worded answers to this rather perplexing and thought-provoking question. There are multiple ways to prove and disprove that aliens exist. Here is the proof that aliens exist. More often than not, the best way to prove or disprove something is through the use of statistical data that has been collected over a period of several years. Although, there really is no way to collect statistical data on alien lifeforms, we are able to predict the probability of the existence of aliens. In 1961, an astronomer by the name of Frank Drake formulated an equation that could estimate the probability of alien life. This equation (N=R_* f_p n_e f_l f_i f_c L), includes several factors. These factors include the number of civilizations that are detectable in the milky way galaxy, the rate …show more content…

The arguments above state very strong evidence that may not be “without-a-doubt” one-hundred percent proof that aliens exist, but they do lay down a fairly strong foundation for the possibility of alien lifeforms existing somewhere in the never ending expansion we call space. Especially considering several astronauts, including those from the Apollo 11 mission, are people whom are highly appraised and looked upon in society and have attested to seeing and interacting with possible alien beings that are not from

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