Argumentative Essay About Abortion

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Abortion When we are born into this world, we as children do not understand what is right from wrong. We are not capable of setting our own personal beliefs because we are not educated. Therefore, we follow in our parent’s footsteps on their own beliefs. To us as young children, we believe our parents know what’s best. Parents who are pro-life believe abortion is wrong no matter what a woman’s situation may be such as, their lifestyle, violence, and health complications. What exactly is abortion? According to InfoBase Learning, it is the termination of pregnancy and expulsion and death of the fetus generally before it is viable (capable of independent life). There are two types of abortions- spontaneous and induced. A spontaneous abortion is also known as a miscarriage, …show more content…

A woman may decide to put herself in the position to seek an abortion, not because she wants to, but because it is the best choice for her. There are many acceptable reasons for deciding to terminate a pregnancy, which could be violence. A woman may have been in a violent relationship and was forced to have sexual intercourse, or could have been raped by someone they did not personally know. If that was a woman’s situation, she should not have to go through the pregnancy when she wasn’t planning to have a baby. Health complications can occur during pregnancy with the woman or the fetus. During pregnancy, a woman can have an ectopic pregnancy, which is where the fetus develops outside of the uterus. While giving birth, a woman can risk her life if she encountered any difficulties. A fetus can develop birth defects, for instance, down syndrome, as well as diseases and infections. If a fetus’ has a life-threatening illness, a mother may decide to end the pregnancy so the baby does not have a painful life. However, a doctor may say the baby may have birth defects, but the baby can be born perfectly

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