Are You Prepared?

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Disasters are serious disruption of functioning society. It involves environmental resources, causing scarcity and mass destruction. Disaster can happen at any given time and place without warning. Being prepared is a key safeguard for people’s lives so that they’ll be able to take appropriate actions when facing imminent type of disaster. From the article “Mass casualty events Are you prepared?” by Janice S. Smith, she discussed disaster in mass casualty as well as nursing management during a disaster. According to the Smith (2010), “ Standing on the front lines of the healthcare system, nurses make up the largest portion of the healthcare work force and are often referred to as, first receivers, in the event of a disaster” (p.1). A mass casualty event is a situation that stresses the health care system and local resources with overwhelming injuries and illness that require immediate attention and care. There are many different types of mass casualty event such as bioterrorism, chemical emergencies, radiation emergencies, and natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tsunamis, and tornados). As a nurse, being part of the healthcare team, you have a professional responsibility to the public and to yourself about being disaster prepared. This mean that you would need to understand and construct an effective disaster plan in order to care for the victim of mass casualty event and not worry about anything else in time of disaster. Personal and family preparedness is a key to protect yourself and your family in the event that emergency strike, before, during, and after the event. The recommendations and guidelines of a complete disaster plan include the disaster kit unique to every family’s need and practice. According to, “... ... middle of paper ... ...unctionalMenuCategories/MediaResources/PressReleases/2008PR/ANAIssuesPolicyPaperHealthCareProfessionalsWhoRespondtoEmergenciesDisastersorPandemics.pdf Brewer, K. (2010, June). American Nurses Association. Retrieved December 27, 2013, from Federal Emergency Management Agency. (n.d.). Retrieved December 27, 2013, from Mass casualty event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (2013, July 10). Retrieved December 27, 2013, from Veenema, T.G. (2013). Disaster nursing and emergency preparedness for chemical biological and radiological terrorism and other hazards (3rd ed.). New York: Springer Pub. Co. Smith, J. S. (2010, April). Mass casualty events Are you prepared?
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