Are Genetically Modified Foods the Way to Go?

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We are consuming genetically modified and processed foods every day. Genetically modified and process foods cover roughly 60 to 70% of our food supply. Supermarket processed food items now "test positive" for the presence of genetically modified ingredients. The "hidden menu" of these unlabeled genetically modified foods and food ingredients in the US now includes soybeans, soy oil, corn, potatoes, squash, canola oil, cotton seed oil, papaya, tomatoes, and dairy products. But genetic manipulation is something so very different. No one has seen a "gene", and the best teaching by the brightest minds cannot adequately convey the ideas of the uniqueness of the genome and how we can read this uniqueness. In short, very few people understand the science behind genetic manipulation, and this is the reason for the irrational fear. The manipulation of genetically modified and processed foods can result in harmful effects to the health of individuals, impact the global food supply and be potentially hazardous for the environment. How do genetically modified and processed foods affect our health? Genetically modified foods pose a huge health risks to humans and animals. Genetically modified food has built-in toxins that can affect the reproductive organs, cause asthma, allergies and inflammation these toxins are transferred to the DNA of bacteria living inside of our intestines and continues to function even after we stop eating genetically modified foods. What we are not being told is about the other health risks is it creating. Human health effects can include higher risks of toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune-suppression and cancer. There has not been a single human clinical trial published regarding the effects of gen...

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...rove public health. In reality, through their business practices and political lobbying, the gene engineers have made it clear that they intend to use GE to dominate and monopolize the global market for seeds, foods, fiber, and medical products. (Cummins)

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