Aravind Eye Hospital Case Study

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Aravind Eye Care Hospital Aravind Eye Care System is known to be one of the worlds largest provider of eye care services, they see thousands of patients a day and perform almost 1,000 surgeries between four and five out reach camps. “Inaugurated in 1976, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai has grown to accommodate 330 paying patients and 920 free patients. It serves a population of 26.7 million” (System, 2015). Examine thousands of patients, as well as provide transportation. The eye hospital provides free services to those that are poor or in need, the founder Dr. Venkataswamy wanted to create an inexpensive yet standardized process to treat those that were suffering from eye issues in India. His goal was to address the high prevalence of blindness and India and seek ways to prevent it. The eye hospital offers a range of services where patients can get glasses, to treatments, to optical oncology (Rosenberg, 2013). Most of the surgeries that are performed at the hospital are to treat cataracts. One of the most important aspects of the hospItal is to provide services to people at affordable costs, and with statistics claiming that there are over 30 million people who are suffering from blindness in the world, thus this made the founder so have a vision to bring eye care to thousands of people not only in India, but all over the world.…show more content…
In the main hospital there are services that are provided to patients who pay, while in the free hospital there are free services that are provided to the poor and the needy. Those that receive services at the free hospital come to the hospital through the eye camps that are organized by the eye care system or through walk-in’s. When utilizing this strategic approach the hospital was able to earn profits of over 51% during the years of 1991 through

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