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Have you ever wondered how the working life was for women thousands of miles apart in the 18th century? The factories located in Britain and Japan were not all that different. The two sets of females lived very far apart but carried many of the same strategies and ideas. The working women were not working under fair conditions in either setting. In Document 2 the graphic shows how women would work under dangerous condition with strict men supervising with whips in hand. Document 5 shows the life stories of the two women worlds away from each other both having similar 14 hour days with minimal breaks. This just shows how women were treated so poorly to work these long hours with men over seeing every move that they make. The conditions were so bad in both places, in document 10 Hannah Goode describes watching little kids nine and under get whipped for falling asleep because they are running on maybe three hours of sleep. The women consumed their life with an extremely trentius career for barely any money at all. …show more content…

According to Document 7 and 8 on average the women earned about half of what the men did. In document 6 we hear the voice of Mrs.Smith a woman who looks past the way she is treated at her work and only complains that she does not get paid enough. When looking at the chart on document 9, it listed that the food cost about 11% of a woman's income to pay for her family's food and that would be just a starchy not nutrient rich meal. Women being paid half of their equally qualified husbands, women making just enough money to pay for their family's dinner, this is how you can tell that neither the Japanese or English women are being paid what they rightfully

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