Aphrodite Invocation

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Oh Muse! With visions Thou hast filled my soul,
With visions overpowering, for Thou
Hast shown me Golden Aphrodite; now
The blaze emboldens me; like coal
To brighter burning fanned by Breath Divine,
The Cyprian enflameth me with words,
Seductive sounds, which swiftly would entwine
My soul, as lime-twigs trap unwary birds.
An Ancient Poet* spake the truth; he said
When Cypris cometh swift, high-spirited
Just like a Hero -- irresistible
Her onslaught, nor may anyone annul
Her summons; flouting Her is arrogance,
A failure to respect the difference
`Tween Gods and Mortals; nor can even They
Resist Her Power. She is held at bay
By only three: Athena, Bright-Eyed Maid,
And Artemis, who haunts both wood and glade,
And Hestia reject the Paphian's Dove,
For They alone deny delights of Love.
The Cyprian's summons is a challenge. Be
Thou brave and answer it, for verily
A God hath willed it; surely stinging grief
Will be refusal's price, so seek relief,
Conforming to the Paphian's Will.
So spake the Poet Truths he would instill.
Far-shining Aphrodite, hear our prayer!
Thou Laughter-loving Lady, Paphian,
Well-girded, Golden, Sea-born, Cyprian,
Companion, Tender-hearted, or howe'er
It pleaseth Thee to be addressed, attend,
We ask, our words of praise, and send
Thy Grace, because Thou art the source of all
That's charming, graceful, all that doth enthrall
In word or deed, in action, figure, face.
For Thine is the allure that doth enlace
Our hearts as one, for as the charmed is bound,
So also is the charmer quickly found
Surrendering, with yearning undisguised,
The compromiser gladly compromised!
But irresistible is even this,
Seducer falling to seduction; bliss
Repaid is twofold bliss, drawing tight
The bonds about them both, in shared delight.
Now I call in ancient sounds:
Aphrodite Khrusostephane Glukumeilikh' O he
Kalligloute Thea Pandeme Hetaira su Morpho,
Or whatever name doth please Thee,
Hear! If ever I've appeased Thee,
Now attend my prayer beseeching,
See my hands toward Thee reaching,
Know my love is everlasting!
Lady, grant the gift I'm asking
And appear before us, whether
Now sojourning deep in Nether
Regions with the Queen of Hades,
Or in Heaven with Thy Ladies,
Founts of all allure, the Graces,
Fair Their form and fair Their faces!
I request Thee, leave Thy station!
Grant to us a visitation!
Show to us Thy face delightful!
Let us worship Thee as rightful,
Shapely form that's Thine adoring!
Hear our voices now upsoaring
To the Heavens from our chorus!
Please, we ask Thee, stand before us!
Queen of Twilight, Queen of Morning!
Deeds just done or now aborning
Are Thy favorites; prized the clever
Warrior of the bold endeavor!
Dear to Thee the Sun that's rising,
Thou reward for enterprising
Souls, Thou prize of tasks completed,
Thou in rivalry entreated
To bestow Thy grace, advising,
Bold advances galvanizing!
Such Thy gift and such Thy favor,

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