Ap World History Dbq

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1. Writing was the most advance because it was a privilege. It could be used as a tool for power because that’s how laws was made. It could be used as a tool of power over some people because if they didn’t know how to write, you could get them to do something for you. The king or pharaoh could control that power. It does apply and does not because nowadays most people know how to write and the ones that don’t, other people will want something in return. 2. Conformity was very important. We can see that from how the pharaohs and kings rule there kingdom. Also, we can see it from how some governments had more power than the people and from how if the people didn’t agree with the king, they would be killed. 3. The most shocking thing to me is…show more content…
The Parthenon is important because of the secrets it holds and it was their beliefs. Also it was their icon. It affect our society because we have a lot buildings that resembles it. The Acropolis is important because of the temples they had and it affect our society because we have place with temples and where we store body. 6. Two positives of the Colosseum are it was a gift to the people and it entertain the people. The negatives is that it was human vs. human and human vs. animals 7. Greece and Rome are the similar because the people have power. They are different because Greece is Republic and Rome is Democratic. They relate to ours because we have Democratic and Republic. Also, both parties have the same type of power. Greece is like our government today. 8. Judaism was monotheistic and was from the Old Testament. It began with the covenant. Abraham was the patriarch and his important characteristics was that he took the people to Canaan and was the first person God revealed himself to. 9. Monasticism had developed fast which resulted in the increasing of monasteries and religious orders of monks and nuns. Also, it was not strict and the monasteries was relax. Life in medieval monastery was self-contained and self-sufficient. The largest building was the church and to the south church was the
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