Anti-Semitism In The Holocaust

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Six million innocent Jews died “simply because they were Jewish” (Whitcock, 30). The author Whitlock was referring to the Holocaust in the previous quote. The Holocaust, one of the most tragic events in the world, would have not been possible with anti- Semitic beliefs. Anti-Semitism has a deep history all the way back to the beginning of the Christian era and was spread with biased Nazi propaganda (“Nazi Propaganda”). The worst part of anti-Semitism was its effects. “Anti-Semitism is the prejudice against Jews” (Encyclopedia 588). The term anti-Semitism was created in 1873 by William Marr a German political alligator. He thought Jews were plotting to take over the country so they should be excluded from citizenship. Anti- Semitism was most likely caused from the theory of Social-Darwinism which stated that some races are better than others (Whitcock 30-35). All throughout history Jews lived in weak minority groups and have always been discriminated. “Jews stood out as alien people” (Grant 11). Nearly everybody in Europe was Christian (World Encyclopedia) Myths were come up about Jews in Europe. Some were extremely ridiculous. Some would say that Jews murdered Christian Children in ceremonies. Anti-Semitism was often known as “the longest hatred” (qtd in "From the Early Church to 1400"). It went on continuously for over 2000 years. It all began in the first millennium of the Christian era. Catholic leaders had developed beliefs that Jews were responsible for the execution of Jesus “For centuries churches taught that Jews were responsible for Jesus’ death” ("From the Early Church to 1400”). Jews were the most known minority group. Many myths and stereo-types were started at this time and the hate grew worse and worse (World E... ... middle of paper ... ...n concentration camps such as Auschwitz. Some were used as lab rats for medical experiments. There were no anesthetics so the pain was often terrible (Grant 20-30). The effects of Anti-Semitism were horrific, especially the Holocaust. The German government took the Holocaust to “genocidal extreme” (“Nazi anti-Semitism”). The Holocaust was obviously the biggest and most fatal effect of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism history goes all the way back to the birth beginning of the the spread of Christianity. Its history is very interesting and deep rooted. Anti- Semitism would have never reached its height if it weren’t for Nazi propaganda. Without propaganda the Holocaust may have never happened. The worst part of Anti-Semitism was its effects. It killed millions of people. In conclusion Anti-Semitism was a terrible thought and should never be repeated in history again.

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