Anonymous web browsing rather than internet privacy policies is needed in order to protect our private information. To what extent do you agree wi...

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It is widely believed that web surfing is important for a large number of people. However, perhaps there are few people care about the personal information may leak out during browsing internet. In the past few years, online social networking service website become popular and a large number of people share photos, videos and even personal information to these website. Some website may provide the internet privacy policies that telling the user what kinds of information the website will collect and what rules the website will follow to protect user’s personal information. Although the internet privacy policies set up some rules for website to follow and authorize websites collect part of the information for having better improvement, some internet privacy policies are not clear or people often ignore these policies and agree blindly. Anonymous web browsing is a process that hidden the information to prevent others obtain the data. The following essay will discuss the effectiveness of protecting personal information by comparing the anonymous web browsing and internet privacy policies.

Internet privacy policies are used to set up the rule for organizations to follow that restrict what data can be collected, use or disclosure [1]. As the advancement of technology, there are large probability that website can collect large amounts of personal information. Therefore, websites can track the behaviar of customers and according to these movement to provide some advertisement or suggestion [2]. According to Earp et al [1], setting up privacy policies can both safeguard the institution and signal integrity promise to site visitors. In Debatin’s study [3], some social network site like Facebook can provide a “predictable environment of peo...

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