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  • Policies and Practices of Anonymity in the Internet

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    Technology - Policies and Practices of Anonymity in the Internet Abstract: This paper discusses the importance of anonymous Internet access and how the benefits of such access outweigh the disadvantages. Also discussed is the violation of anonymous access in some cases and the steps that can be taken to preserve anonymity. Most importantly, what specifically are the rights of Internet users and what guidelines should govern widespread Internet policy of anonymity? The rapid growth of the Internet’s

  • Anonymous web browsing rather than internet privacy policies is needed in order to protect our private information. To what extent do you agree wi...

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    It is widely believed that web surfing is important for a large number of people. However, perhaps there are few people care about the personal information may leak out during browsing internet. In the past few years, online social networking service website become popular and a large number of people share photos, videos and even personal information to these website. Some website may provide the internet privacy policies that telling the user what kinds of information the website will collect and

  • anonymity

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    anonymous people There are numerous approaches to communicate secretly on the Internet; these include unknown remailers for e-mail, unnamed posting, and nameless production of Web pages and videos. Anonymity permits an individual to express perspectives uninhibitedly, without the worry of repercussions. Anonymity permits an individual to be contentious, to take disagreeable positions on unpredictable issues, and to attempt to change social order. This freedom of speech an... ... middle of paper ...

  • Pros And Cons Of The Deep Web

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    set foot in the Deep Web. Nonetheless, the main purpose of this research was to explain: What the Deep Web is, what and how someone accesses it, the history behind Tor, the history and issues surrounding cryptocurrency, and the problems that web anonymity brings, as well as the positive and negative attributes of the Deep Web. I neither condone nor do I disapprove of the usage of the deep web, so long as it strictly abides with the law. Furthermore, I do not recommend that the technologically inexperienced

  • Internet Privacy

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    Why should I worry about privacy and security? I'm not a criminal or a terrorist. I've got nothing to hide. These are things that most people think. They also believe the internet is much more secure and that their personal information is only available to them, whereas this is actually quite wrong. There are more reasons to want to protect your privacy than can be named. The important principal is that you have a right to privacy as long as that right is used within the bounds of the law. Seeking

  • Ethical Issues in Secured Communications

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    secured communication later in the paper. However, this paper is more concerned in the way people use these applications in terms of identity. Many applications allow users to participate in specific discussion groups or web activities as anonymous. Anonymity might not be a problem in open chatting rooms for example, but what about banking applications or email or even instant messaging. Email and instant messaging software are free to use and provided by respective companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo

  • Importance Of Breaking Anonymity

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    come to meetings, I’m breaking their anonymity. That’s quite straight forward. What wasn’t clear to me for a while was that if I tell a fellow AA member that I saw someone at a meeting, I’m breaking their anonymity. Just because someone has come to a meeting doesn’t mean they want people they haven’t yet met in AA to know what there’s doing. This is of great importance, especially to the

  • Sensible Anonymity on the Internet

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    Sensible Anonymity on the Internet Abstract: This paper is an analysis of the anonymity of Internet users. Specifically, what are the benefits and disadvantages created by anonymity on the Internet, and how can the disadvantages be lessened without adversely affecting the benefits? The rapid growth of the Internet’s popularity is staggering. In 1990 few people outside the research community knew of it, and today it is estimated that there are more than 300 million Internet users worldwide

  • The Anonymity of Juries

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    The Anonymity of Juries The American criminal justice system has traditionally made the identities and addresses of jurors known to the judge, the prosecution, and the defense. That tradition began to erode with the unprecedented sua sponte trial court decision to use an anonymous jury in the case of United States v. Barnes, a highly publicized criminal trial of notorious organized crime figures in New York City. Since "Barnes," Federal prosecutors in New York have requested and been

  • Anonymity on the Internet

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    Anonymity on the Internet Would you rather learn about someone via Internet interactions or face to face? I have noticed increased shadiness when it comes to identifying one’s self on the internet, whether it be on a dating site, in email, through posting on Blogger-type sites, or in instant messaging. There seems to be two different types of people out there, those who are suspicious and those that just don’t seem to care about who read their stuff. This is problematic in many ways. First