Animal Testing Should Not Be Treated

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It is estimated that each year, over 100 million animals-including mammals, birds, fish, and amphibians-are killed in U.S. laboratories for various testings, according to Americans should reconsider their usage of animal testing due to the fact that humans have an improper advantage to animals. Organizations such as PETA, do whatever possible to protect the rights animals have. Due to such organizations, there have been more reasons to find ways to no longer find the need to test on animals. Animal testing is unfair to animals due to the subjection of unconsenting pain to when used for medical experimentation. Why Is This An Issue? Although it may seem like animal testing is not really a big deal, it is and it should be treated as one. Those associations that fight for the animal rights-such as PETA, PetSmart charities, Dumb Friends League, etc-are not just doing it to nag everyone around them who think otherwise. They are doing it because animal testing is not something that can be done as if it did not matter. The animals that they are testing on are alive and have feelings. The animals might not be able to show their pain the same way humans do, but the pain is there. Sometimes, due to the use of too much chemicals or after being constantly used for an experiment, they can not show how much agony they are in because they are often immobilized in restraint devices for hours (PETA 1). On another note, animals are not the only way to go when the need to test an experiment comes around. With new technological advances, it has become easier to reduce the use of animals in laboratories. Often times, it can be cheaper to not use animals. However, those who deny the fact that technology is a bigger advantage in figuring out ... ... middle of paper ... ...cording to in an article called Experiments on Animals. However, this is more problematic than just finding alternative solutions because this is considering a complete elimination of animals being tested on. Many of the daily things people use at home are animal tested. This includes cosmetics and hair products, self-care products, and household products as well. Although women are more opposed to animal testing (54 percent) than men (46 percent), ,many of the things women use such as make-up materials, are tested on animals (PETA 1). This includes companies such as Maybelline, AVON, Dove, stila, REVLON, Mary Kay, M.A.C., and Covergirl (PETA 1). Though there may be a bigger opposition to this elimination, it would save more lives of the animals being tested on because they would no longer be used in at least 3 different categorizes that can be found at home.
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