Animal Extinction Essay

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Throughout much of human history, human civilizations found food by the killing of animals whether it be mammals, reptiles, or amphibians. Humans have allowed the extinction of many animals by simply hunting them for food or hunting them for trade and commerce. Although humans play a vital role in the animal extinction process, they are not the sole contributor. Climate change affects the weather in terms of temperature or precipitation which in turn causes animal food sources to perish allowing animals to suffer from starvation. In my script, I describe a future that consists of humanity without animals and the only food source being insects. With the repetition of animal killings and occurrence of climate change, we can only expect to cause …show more content…

The rise or fall of temperatures and the lack of precipitation can resort in consequences such as vegetation dying which can mean a lack of food supply for the animals and ultimately mean the death of animals. Extinction has been a theme in many readings throughout the course including Helen Simpson’s Diary of an Interesting Year. In Simpson’s short story she states, “No creatures left except squirrels, rats, and pigeons, unless you count the insects” (109). In this short story, the audience views that in the year 2040 nearly all animal species have gone extinct due to “the Big Melt” which is based on climate change (101-115). In the horrible conditions described within the story, insects prove to be survivors that are capable of outlasting any other species. In my script, humans get their food from the “insecto-snapper” which is just an insect trap because insects are the only means of food and protein in this futuristic situation. Simpson’s short story connects with my script by discussing the result of extinction and how much of an affect the loss of animals have on humans and their ability to survive without animal meat. One other reading that has the extinction theme was Lydia Millet’s Zoogoing, which describes animals who are “alone on the earth, vanishing” (39). Millet’s short story tells of a world that is in the process of extinction but still has the effects of a world without animals. Both Simpson and Millet’s short stories contribute to my script by describing a future where humans no longer rely or care about animal

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