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The definition of anger is a hormonal rage that prepares the body to fight or run. There are many types of anger and there are also many cure. Anger has symptoms and side effects and some people can control and handle their anger better than others.
Anger issues can cause many emotional issues but it could also cause physical issues. One side effect of anger is the blood pressure rises. Another is a person’s insulin rises which causes even more and worse problems. If these or your copper levels rise it will just get the person more irritated. Copper enhances a person’s emotions (Wilson1). There is a difference between healthy anger and unhealthy anger. And most of a person’s anger projects off of a person’s fear (Wilson1).
Having symptoms of anger is as bad as having actual anger. Depression is a likely symptom of anger (Fraum3). Another symptom is stress; this is a major cause of emotional anger. Anger is neither healthy nor helpful because of all the side effects and symptoms of it (Fraum2). Women obtain more anger because they are more fearful and reversed (Wilson3). Women these days are copper toxic and much more emotional (Wilson8). Also women are angry because they can see the truth about life around them better than their peers.
There are many types of anger; it can go from common anger to extreme anger. One type of anger is rage anger, this is an extreme anger and it is very rare and not common. People usually get this type of anger when their well-being is threatened by someone or something (freeman1).
Another type of anger is IED anger. This anger is a periodic eruption of other types of anger. There is emotional anger but there is also physiologic anger. This anger is the projection of fear, meaning i...

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...ring in today’s society and there are no cures for them. Anger can lead to strokes and heart attack which could lead to other problems or even death. The final step of controlling anger is to drop the situation that caused the anger in the first place. If a person is feeling angry they should explore the problem to see how they can treat it and what to do and what no to do. Children handle anger differently than adults because they will throw fits and temper tantrums but, the main difference is children don’t know how to control their anger and adults do. Women handle anger the same as men because men and women handle their anger by either hurting others or just yelling. People have frequent outburst of anger but some are worse than others and are expressed differently. So in conclusion anger should be controlled or helped so no one gets hurt mentally or physically.

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