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An angel is a pure spirit created by God. The Old Testament theology included the belief in angels: the name applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligences of heavenly residence, employed by God as the ministers of His will.


Are Angels ambassadors sent from God to guide us, protect us or bring messages from heaven? The word angel comes from the Greek word "angelos" which means messenger. The Bible says that God has appointed many angels to those who love God and call to Him, "Psalms 91:11 For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways." The bible refers to different types of angels, with varying duties such as ugides, protectors, messengers and angels of the Lord, or as Cherubim, Seraphim, or Archangels, and not to be worshipped for they are "creatures" Col. 2:18; Rev. 19:10; 22:9.

The meanings of angels, their appearance and purposes vary throughout history and the world. Artists have given us their visions of angels as winged creatures, usually beautiful figures that are glowing, shining, floating, in human form or as a voice. Saints as well as everyday people tell about being visited by or helped by angels

In the bible, angels have appeared as messengers, guides, and healers. They also make up the celestial court. "And I beheld and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne, and the number of them was thousands of thousands." - St. John, the Evangelist. Angels are even recorded in the Koran, "You shall see the angels circling around the throne, giving glory to their Lord".

The world's great literature and art tell us about many angel characters - some we're familiar with and some obscure to us now. Yet, the common thread that weaves amongst the legends and the lore is the undeniable influence that angels have had upon nearly every culture and religion known to man

Types of Angels

There are different types of angels depicted in the bible that have varying degrees of divine missions, different names and descriptions. First of all they are said to be with God

Angels are found throughout the Old Testament and also in the New Testament, though less often. Origen, one of the earliest biblical scholars living at the time of the first Century, recognized the notion of Guardian Angels. St. Jerome told us that each of us is given a Guardian Angel a...

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...s a legend that Raziel is the author of a great book, 'wherein all celestial and Earthly knowledge is set down.' W hen the angel gave his tome to Adam, some envious angels stole it away and threw it in the ocean. After it had been recovered by the primordial angel/demon of the deep, Rahab, the book passed first to Enoch, who apparently claimed it as his own, then to Noah, who learned how to make his ark from it. Solomon, too, was thought to have possessed the book, which allowed him his unusual knowledge of magic and control over the demons."

"The Zohar, the major work of Jewish mysticism, claims that set in the middle of Raziel's book there is secret writing 'explaining the fifteen hundred keys [to the mystery of the world], which were not revealed even to the angels.' Other Jewish mystics report that 'each day the angel Raziel, standing on the mount of Horeb, proclaims the secrets of men to all mankind'."

"What we didn't know when we began this book, but what Abigrael, our recording angel, told us later, is that Raziel is its boss."


"The sonorously named angel prince Sandalphon, who some say, Elijah became after his death."


In this essay, the author

  • Explains that an angel is a pure spirit created by god. the old testament theology included the belief in angels.
  • Explains the meanings of angels, their appearance and purposes vary throughout history and the world.
  • Explains that angels have appeared as messengers, guides, and healers in the bible. they also make up the celestial court.
  • Analyzes the influence that angels have had on nearly every culture and religion known to man.
  • Explains that there are different types of angels depicted in the bible that have varying degrees of divine missions, different names and descriptions. origen recognized the notion of guardian angels.
  • Narrates how the angel of the lord appeared to joseph in a dream. when joseph woke up, he brought mary home to be his wife.
  • Explains that dionysius gives us the hierarchical order of the angels. the first group is the seraphim, cherubim and thrones.
  • Explains that the second group is composed of dominations, virtues, and powers, each associated with specific symbols.
  • Explains that the 3rd group includes principalities, protectors of nations, the archangels, and the angels who protect humans.
  • Explains that michael the archangel appears as a warrior angel in 1 thess. 4:16 and jude 9. the guardian angels are all aspects and forms of michael.
  • Explains the meaning of angels throughout history and the world have different powers, are able to do special things for their followers or believers. each angel was a distinct species.
  • Opines that angels have made us curious, fired our imagination and filled us with something hope, love and thankfulness. we hear about people who have seen them, who believe they have been visited by them or whisper to them what they should do.
  • Explains that angels pervaded the world of literature and art, depicted by a vast array of images and writings. the church and various religions picked up on this angelic form, the winged figure.
  • Explains that all three major religions of the western world, including christianity, judaism, and islam, include celestials in their cosmologies.
  • Explains that the word 'angel' is used both as a generic term to refer to all heavenly beings, as well as the members of the third sphere, those closest to the physical.
  • Explains abigrael's belief that there are four orders within the heavenly hosts that particularly concern us now.
  • Explains that in the new testament celestial beings are grouped into seven ranks. the old testament adds cherubim and seraphim, which comprise the nine cho irs of angels.
  • Describes the 9 orders of angelic beings, including the first sphere, cherubim, thronest, dominions, virtues, and powers.
  • Explains that the cherubim are the guardians of light, and of the stars.
  • Explains that dominions are the heavenly beings who govern the activities of all the angelic groups lower than they are. they serve to integrate the spiritual and the material worlds.
  • Explains that the first order of the second sphere are those beings who have been known as powers. the angels of birth and death are in this category.
  • Explains that principalities are the guardian angels of all large groups, from cities and nations to recent human creations such as multi-national corporations.
  • Suggests calling the overlighting angels, since they tend the larger arenas of human endeavor.
  • Explains that the last-order angels are closest to humanity and concerned with human affairs. they are the guardians of the planet and are guides to greater and greater consciousness.
  • Describes the "celestial top ten" angels best known to us. michael is acknowledged by all three western sacred traditions.
  • Analyzes how in the dead sea scrolls michael emerges as the 'prince of light' fighting a war against the sons of darkness. pope pius xii declared michael to be the patron of all policemen.
  • Explains that michael is the protector of the christian church, guardian angel of israel, and commander-in-chief of god's angel armies.
  • Explains that archangel michael guides the life energies down through the eight great dimensio ns to earth, so that planet earth can have a living biosphere.
  • Analyzes how archangel michael's "lost war in heaven" relates to the original creation.
  • Explains that the age of light has been forecast by many sirians and others in the galactic federation who are time keepers.
  • Explains that gabriel is the spirit of truth who dictated the koran to mohammed. he astonished mary and her cousin elizabeth with the pronouncements concerning the births of their sons.
  • Opines that gabriel's interest in this planet is most probably due to his fun ction as heavenly awakener, the angel of vibratory transformation.
  • Explains that gabriel is god's treasurer and will blow the final horn at doomsday. he is a human figure with long hair and multi-colored wings.
  • Explains that archangels michael and gabriel are involved in bringing in the energies of the new and glorious galactic human consciousness.
  • Describes raphael as the most endearing of all the angels depicted in western art. his image is featured on the canvases of botticelli, titian, and rembrandt.
  • Analyzes how raphael is the travelers guide, guardian of youth, and the ruler of the second heaven in christian paintings. milton eats supper with adam and eve in eden.
  • Explains that raphael's career seems to be peppered with medical missions. he healed the pain of circumcision for abraham, and healed poor jacob.
  • Explains that raphael delivered a magic ring with the power to subdue all demons when solomon prayed to god for aid in building the great temple in jerusalem.
  • Explains that raphael has been called 'a guide in hell,' which after all is where healing is needed the most.
  • Explains that uriel is thought to have been "the spirit who stood at the gate of the lost eden with the fiery sword."
  • Explains that john milton describes uriel as the'sharpest sighted spirit of all in heaven', who berate moses for neglecting to circumcise his son gershom.
  • Analyzes how milton's "paradise lost" portrays uriel as the governor of the sun, tricked by satan, disguised as a young angel, into giving directions to earth and from there to eden.
  • Explains that raphael and uriel sit above in the 4th and 5th dimensions to aid gabriel in this ascension process. they also have access to the 6th, and 7th dimensions to assist archangel michael.
  • Explains the meaning of the name "metator" in the jewish mystics' world. it could also be derived from the latin'metor', a guide or measurer.
  • Explains that metatron is said to have been the prophet enoch, who was transformed into an angel of fire, with thirty-six pairs of wings, to continue his days as a celestial scribe.
  • Explains that metatron was thought to have many names, the use of which was believed to offer the user protection and access to this great angel's powers.
  • Explains that metatron, the throne angel with 72 names, records israel's good and bad deeds. moroni led joseph smith to discover buried golden tablets inscribed with dense lettering.
  • Describes the forty-foot-high statue of moroni that stands on top of a hill near palmyra, new york, where smith discovered the buried tablets.
  • Explains that melchizedek, the sage of salem, is one of the few known cases of a high angel taking human, very male, body. according to the urantia book, he appeared fully formed, two thousand years before christ.
  • Explains that melchizedek delivered god's covenant to abraham and introduced the revolutionary concept of salvation through pure faith to the thinking of the planet. he established an extraordinary wide-flung missionary program centered in salem, the anc ient site of jerusalem.
  • Explains that melchisedek was called sydik in phoenician mythology and was believed to be the father of the seven elohim.
  • Quotes from the book of alma 13:14-18, of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.
  • Explains that ariel is a reb el angel who is overcome by the seraph abdiel on the first day of the great war in heaven
  • Explains that john dee, magician, occultist, and court astrologer to queen elizabeth i, reckoned ariel to be conglomerate of aneal and uriel, which sets him among the overlighting archangels.
  • Explains that israfel, whose name in arabic folklore means -- "the burning one," is both an angel of resurrection and of song. he paved the way for gabriel by serving three years as a companion to mohammed.
  • Explains that allah sends israfel, gabriel, michael, and azrael out on a mission to fetch the seven handfuls of dust needed to make humanity's progenitor.
  • Analyzes how edgar allan poe footnoted a poem with cryptic reference to 'the angel israfel, whose heart strings are lute, and who has the sweetest voice of all god's creatures'.
  • Explains that raziel is believed to be an 'angel of secret regions and chief of the supreme mysteries', and that he is of a great book where all celestial and earthly knowledge is set down.
  • Explains that the zohar, the major work of jewish mysticism, claims that set in the middle of raziel's book there is secret writing 'explaining the fifteen hundred keys [to the mystery of the world] which were not revealed even to the angels.
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