A Very Old Man With Wings, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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In the story “A Very Old Man With Wings”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes about the discovery of a big winged old man by a crab hunter named Pelayo. As the world became cloudy, the appearance of a magical man with wings would scare, excite and bring hope to a neighborhood for the foreseeable future. This man looked old and defeated, while Pelayo looked at him with a confused expression, or a “mute stupor”. Gabriel Garcia Marquez describes the old man as bald with fading hairs, almost toothless and huge buzzard wings. How can someone like this exist, look the way he looks but possess such restraint and internal power? They tried speaking to the angel but his response was incomprehensible with a strong voice. In addition to this discovery, Pelayo’s wife Elisenda was tending to a sick child. In “A Very Old Man With
Wings” Gabriel Garcia Marquez uses themes of magic, sinful characters, and questions of faith to reflect society’s struggle with belief in religion.

One of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Tropes in this story is the magic the old man might possess. As villagers learn of the old man and his unorthodox appearance, they become curious and scared. A wise old woman according to the village labels him “an angel” and the villagers begin to treat him like a circus show, similarly to a woman that had been changed to a spider by lightning because of a curse. The villagers responded well to the spider-woman because she was less expensive to see and was willing to talk to the people. Meanwhile the angel would do his best to stay down and keep quiet. After the arrival of the angel the child’s condition had improved and provided the neighborhood with something to see and believe in. Could this be magic? That was the question a...

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...rcia Marquez is a story reflecting real life.
Introducing themes of magic, sinful behavior and the public’s perception of the realism of religion. The story began with the discovery of an old man who had the wings of an angel and the public’s refusal to accept its reality. Furthermore the people were a reflection of the sins committed by society and the ability for those same people to ask for forgiveness and favors from a being they didn't even believe in at a recent time. Why didn't Gabriel Garcia Marquez just say he was an angel from the beginning? Maybe he wanted to make a story that shows his religious beliefs and how the people around him react to it. It is possible that
Gabriel Garcia Marquez directed this towards children to show them that if they have faith, anything can happen and they will be safe and healthy.

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