Nickel And Dimed Reflection

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My views about Ehrenreich’s novel that it was filled with educational details of minimum wage job occurrences. The author captures concrete memories of her experiences of several job positions. Working in several jobs of hard manual labor is exhausting for the mind and body. The job experiments involving all these jobs to see what many struggling people endure on a daily basis. I thought the experiments resulted in average, and intolerable work environments. Working one or two jobs was needed to survive and pay for necessities. From my perspective, it was a useful trial to show readers the hardships people of every culture deal with constantly. My reactions and thoughts about the novel were surprising to read improper word language, the imagery …show more content…

Discrimination of genders in the textbook is one example that relates to Ehrenreich's novel. Some parts of the book she may have experienced some female discrimination of not receiving certain jobs. According to, (Hodson & Sullivan (2008) pg.63), “Business stress is a widespread cultural problem including millions of workers globally”. I thought this fact pertained to the novel and it's what people go through, good and bad work situations. I believe Ehrenreich went through several terms in the textbook of Job stress, pay, security, dignity, and bullying. It's not just Barbara's novel, but everywhere which affects people all the time. Having all these traits in a job are what people think about, desire good pay, and want success in their job. Also, job satisfaction is indicating a lot in the book of her job's positive and negative outcomes. Ehrenreich did not find a certain job favorable, but she made the most of them to get paid, pay for rent, and bills. Another correlation in the book and textbook reading are sexual harassment and the worker with labor force. Ehrenreich's experiences were not all good and male management tend to joke around in unprofessional ways. It happened to Barbara and still to employees especially of low-class of any form of harassment. Every job Barbara had differed in customers, management, coworkers, and work duties. I would act professional no matter how awful the job is because employees are representing the company and obey the rules. There is no perfect job out there and keeping up with changes, rules, and working well with employees is what Barbara did to

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