Analysis Of Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Vienna Hotel And Moonrise Kingdom'

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Statement of intent: This formal report was written with the intent of discussing the mise-en-scene element of film which is used in two of Wes Anderson’s most popular films. Both films The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Moonrise Kingdom (2012) showcase the limited colour palette and costume aspects of mise-en-scene.

Wes Anderson is a renowned American film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. Commonly described as ‘the auteur of our generation (1)’, Anderson is widely known for his distinctive strong visual appeal and narrative style (2), shown predominantly throughout his films. Two of the most common films that Wes Anderson has directed are: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Moonrise Kingdom (2012) both of which frequently
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Anderson used earthy colours such as khaki, pale yellows, and browns to show the nature aspect of this film. This is significant because of the location on which this film is set on as it is a remote island with lots of plants and greenery. The limited colour palette also gives the audience an element of adventure. Wes Anderson showed this particularly in Sam and Suzy’s first encounter scene, as all of the boy scouts (Khaki Scouts) sitting in the audience of the show were wearing a pale yellow uniform with a green bandana as well as the leader wearing a brown hat and bandana. The use of the uniforms shows the unity with the scouts as they are all part of the same ‘pack’. Another use of costumes throughout this film is with Suzy. Wes Anderson always portrayed Suzy wearing something different than everyone else throughout the film, whether that be with vivid blue eyeliner or the Sam and Suzy’s first encounter scene how Suzy was the ‘odd’ bird out being the black dark Raven in the play while the other girls in the play were colourful birds. This shows the audience that Suzy was commonly considered ‘different’ compared to everyone else around her. Suzy was often secluded and did not have any friends because possibly she was misunderstood. Wes Anderson did this to make Suzy more relatable to Sam as he wears a badge on his uniform that his mother gave him before she passed away, he is also not very liked in his Khaki Scout, making them the ‘perfect’

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