Analysis Of Water Consumption In Perth And Western Australia

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Water is a quintessential element of all life on Earth. Of all the water on Earth, about three percent is fresh and can be used immediately for human consumption. Perth’s climate is drying, yet Western Australia is still consuming relatively high amounts of water. This problem of high consumption of water in a drying climate is far from straightforward There are many elements contributing to water consumption in Western Australia. Broadly, these factors fall under the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. Each of these pillars are made up of many components, and all those components are intricately and numerously linked. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Using Systems Analysis to examine the interlinked factors of water consumption in Perth and Western Australia is a good way to uncover hidden root causes of the issue of water consumption in WA and start to apply leverage in the most serviceable places.

Water Consumption Background in Western Australia
The water that supplies Western Australia comes from a variety of sources, including surface water and groundwater. Recent technologies have emerged which allow WA to use water sources that were previously unusable, such as desalinated ocean water and recycled wastewater (Government of Western Australia, 2012). The scale for this report is the state of Western Australia. This scale will allow for analysis of more elements of water consumption in Perth and its surrounding areas, not just the city’s consumption of water, but consumption from other key industries that fuel the economy of Perth and WA, including mining and agriculture.
Perth’s main water supply comes from the Gnangara groundwater system, which pr...

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...f weather conditions, and thus consume more water by watering their gardens more than they should. Also, households must have money to purchase sprinkler systems and water their gardens. If these attitudes do not change within the household, how can we expect a change of water consumption outside of the household in businesses?


There is good reason for concern over water sustainability in Western Australia. Water is connected to all spheres of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. Using Systems Analysis to explore the reasons why water consumption is the way it is in WA, three key factors have emerged: a drying climate, affluence in WA, and community awareness and education. These three factors are interwoven, and they are influenced by one another. While consumption of water in Western Australia may be.. I’ll finish this later.
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