California Water Crisis Essay

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Have you’ve ever just been so thirsty, you just need to drink a tall cold glass of water? Americans take fresh water for granted, like we will never run out. Americans believe that they don’t need to conserve fresh water because that is unlimited, but that is untrue. Currently in California is going through a water crisis. Some of the main problems that led to the water crisis in California would be high temperatures in the winter, California’s agriculture, California’s Budget to fix the problem, and how it affected people’s everyday routine. The Water Crisis in California has been a major problem in the United States. California has a water shortage in their state. Residents in California didn’t conserve water properly. In the article 5 Things…show more content…
Some solutions to the California’s Water Crisis would be to have the resident watch their own water usage, have other residents watch their neighbors to make sure they don’t waste any water, or have installments to faucets to use less water. Having California residents watch their own water usage would put a restrictions on how much water they use/waste. This solution wouldn’t let the government or police step in and watch everyone’s water usage. Everyone would be held accountable for the amount the water they use monthly. Their water bill may be raised due to the fact of the Water Crisis. People must realize how serious this problem is for the United States. The United States “will see similar climatological droughts over the next century” (MacDonald 1). Holding everyone accountable would conserve more water in California. Taking control of this situation would help the United States in the future because people will always need water and without people wouldn’t be able to survive. Another Solution would be to have California residents watch each other 's water…show more content…
California has tried to think of different solutions to help with the water shortage. Many solutions that California has thought of were unsuccessful because they were either too expensive or residents wouldn’t agree to do these changes. Some of California’s successful solutions would be placing laws on California’s residents water use, placing fines on wasting water, and teaching residents how to conserve their water. California has placed a couple of water laws, but hasn’t really enforced these laws. One of these laws are the Water Right Law. The Water Right Law created “ the agency that later evolved into the State Board and granted it the authority to administer permits and licenses for California’s surface water. The act was the predecessor to today’s water Code provisions Paul­Munoz 5 governing appropriation” (waterboards). The Water Commission Demonstration of 1914 set up today 's license process. The Demonstration made the office that later developed into the State Board and conceded it the power to regulate allows and licenses for California 's surface water. The demonstration was the ancestor to today 's water Code procurements
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