Analysis Of Waiting For Godot

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To be honest, I could not see how this play could have an impact on society in the sense of portraying the aftermath of World War II specifically with the rebuilding of France. However, as any liberal arts students would do, we research and it amazes me all of the symbols that were in this play. What I found was that Waiting for Godot is part of the absurdist theatre, which is when a writer creates a script that shows a “meaningless” world that is overshadowing the people who are lost and confused of what to make of their lives/future. By using this type of writing style, this allowed for the play to represent the current situation of the world after World War II. Basically, after the war, no one really knew what to make of themselves and their…show more content…
From what I believe, this play only takes place in one main setting where there is a tree that has a lack of leaves and then is full of trees. Basically, I would design my scenery by creating a dirt/country type of road that is on the older side, have the tree, a high mound/stone where Estragon can sit, and so on. Then with the overall costume design, I picture the characters to have clothes that are on the dirtier side as they have been sitting and waiting for days. Also, the clothes would be formal and most likely with a top hat since that was common back in the day. Finally, for the lighting I would have it change similar to that of daylight. Of course the characters would each have some extra light shown on them, but overall I want it to be slightly darker to portray the theme of confusion of the play. Now, for the two characters I would focus on specifically, I will choose Lucky and Pozzo. For Lucky, since he is a slave and in horrible condition, I would have his clothes all ripped up, his neck on the bloody side from the rope, his hair all messed up, his body language distraught and hunched over, and constantly holding a bag. On the other hand, Pozzo would have a hat on, dirty/formal clothes with a coat and maybe a tie that’s pulled down a little around the neck, his hands full of calluses from holding the rope, and…show more content…
As an actor, my first job would be to understand the actor behind the role of Vladimir. This is because an Estragon life based on what Vladimir is doing, which illustrates Estragon helplessness and lack of confidence in himself. Therefore, in order to get into this degrading mindset, I myself would have to break down my self-esteem before the play begins. That means that I would have to be more of a follower in the real world and also make myself feel miserable by telling myself that my ideas are dumb and what I am doing is not worthwhile. As weird as that sounds, this character is one who is a complete follower and looks for approval from his peers, so it I necessary to actually live with those emotions in the real world in order to portray the role to the best of my abilities in the play. Overall, the foundation for myself as this character is to be a follower and have a lack of

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