Analysis Of Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare

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Twelfth Night’s Inspiration and Consequenting Inspiration Stranded on the island of Illyria, Shakespeare’s Viola puts her hope in a plan to become the boy Cesario.
Viola “Conceal me what I am, and be my aid For such disguise as haply shall become The form of my intent.” (Shakespeare Act I, scene ii, line 53)
Disguise, masquerade, opposite of intention; in many ways, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is the authority on concealment. At the turn of the 16th century, the distinguished comedy depicts twins Viola and Sebastian lost at sea. Viola cross-dresses as a man, attaining a job with Duke Orsino. Romantic turmoil, plot entanglement, mistaken identities, and confusion ensue concluding with love as the victor (Shakespeare). Despite the play’s
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These elements and at times the exact plot are felt throughout history both before and after the conception of the comedy. Shakespeare’s own observations of preceding literary works, whether consciously or unconsciously, provided a basis. Following this, Twelfth Night serves as the basis for modern works. The idea of structuralism is that “the true nature of things may be said to lie not in the things themselves, but in the relationships which we construct and then perceive between them” (Hawkes). Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is significant because it has made a contribution to what Foster refers to as the one story of literature. It was contributed to by preceding authors, contributed by Shakespeare, and is still contributing to new readers and authors. Twelfth Night has a structure that is a replication of the same story, but it is that story that will be continuously replicated. Twelfth Night is a wave, that has been built by in the wake of others, and is still contributing to the motion of the literary expanse. In examining Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night under a structuralist lens, the play’s relational significance becomes evident through texts that both inspired and have been inspired by the

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