Analysis Of The Overcoat By Nikolal Gogol

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The story I chose to do to my essay on is “The Overcoat” by Nikolal Gogol. I decided to focus on the aspects such as setting, theme, and symbolism. People are ridiculed and belittled every day because, they have less but, the crazy part is the person is content and satisfied about what they do have. Life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to so focus on what you have instead of what you don’t.

The young man was born on March 23 by the name of Akaky Akakyevitch. He was short with reddish hair, bleary eyes, and a bald patch. This is how he became Akaky Akakyevitch. (Pickering James Fiction 100 an Anthology of Short Fiction)This baby was christened and cried and made wry faces during the ceremony as though he foresaw that he would like that he
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This thin little overcoat was the only thing that he took pride in. That was his only sense of warmth. It had been worn out. “After examining it thoroughly in the privacy of his home, he discovered that it two places or three places to wit on the back and shoulders, it had become a regular sieve; the cloth was so worn that you could see through it and the lining was coming out.” (Pickering James an Anthology of Short Fiction Thirteenth Edition) Being that the overcoat was in such bad shape, he decided to take it to the tailor Petrovitch. Petrovitch examined the overcoat and knew it was nothing that could be done he suggested a new one. The thought of a new overcoat was out of the question at first for Akaky he became depressed. “He pondered and pondered and decided at last that he would have to diminish his ordinary expenses, at least for a year giving up burning candles in the evening, he must send his linen to the wash less frequently and starve himself” What would you have done is a situation like this? Would you have made the same…show more content…
He became a vengeful ghost after he died. He came back to steal his coat to back to make them freeze and to teach them a lesson. He wanted everyone to feel how he felt when his overcoat was stolen. His overcoat was really important to him. If everyone knew how important Akaky’s coat was why would someone steal it? In life if someone steals from our homes and take food out of our family mouths, our first reaction would be to become vengeful I’m sure. Due to the frustration and pain we would want others to pay for what they did to

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