Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wolf Of Wall Street '

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A review of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. This movie starts off as Jordan Belfort, the main character in the movie, losing his job as a stockbroker in Wall Street. After losing his job, he goes and gets a job in a Long Island brokerage room. In the brokerage room, he sells penny stocks. Thanks to him being aggressive in his selling skills, he was able to make a profit. With the new income, he gives his wife a bracelet and she asked him why doesn’t he go after the people that can afford to lose money, not the middle-class people or lower income people. That is when he gets the idea to get a lot of young people and train them to become the best stock brokers. Later on in the movie he befriends his neighbor Donny, which tells Jordan that if he shows him a pay stub of $70 grand in the last month that he would quit and work for him. When Jordan does that, Donny calls and quit. They open up their own company called Stratton Oakmont, and Jordan hires friends, his parents, and other people he sees potential in. He teaches them the lesson of “hard sell” which is basically them gaining the trust of the customer and then pumping them and dumping them. This way, he gets their money and he becomes very successful. His success brought him into the hardcore lifestyle of prostitutes and drugs. Which initially resulted in him in cheating on his wife and ends up marrying the girl he had an affair with. All of his success brought the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI to investigate their company. Jordan had made about $22 million illegally when he got the IPO of Steve Madden, the shoe creator. Again all the stress to stay on top of his company was what got him into drugs more heavily. Cocaine and other drugs were part o... ... middle of paper ... ...I think this movie shows every stage of cocaine use. From when he had stress, so he had to find a way to cope, to feeling the symptoms, to leading to other drugs, to getting in trouble with the law, to finally trying to sober up. What is great about this movie is that it shows something that can happen to someone and as well was based on something that actually happened (2014). In the end, this movie is consistent with what was learned in class with the textbook, chapter summaries and chapter power-points. Drugs have a way of impairing the user’s movement and judgment, just like when Jordan crashed his car. Drug use not only affects the individual, but also his family and friends. Jordan started to look to others for money and said that being sober sucks. Something a user would say if they had to stop using drugs. They presented drug abuse very well in this movie.

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