Analysis Of The Movie 'Blade Runner'

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‘Blade Runner’ is a 1982 film adaptation of the book ‘Do Androids Dream of electric sheep?’ By Philip K Dick, produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Deeley. Throughout the film, the idea of ‘More human than human’ is analysed, with clear intent to question the viewer’s opinions and beliefs about the effect of technology and human nature. ‘Blade runner’ questions the viewer’s ideas about reality, humanity and equality in society, and whether the ‘replicants’ or the humans show true humanity. What makes us human? What separates us from Artificial Intelligence?
What happens when the qualities identified as human qualities can be replicated in Artificial intelligence? ‘Blade runner’ gives the idea that what makes us human are the memories we have,
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“It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again, who does?” This quote makes the audience question living, and what it means to be alive. It also makes us question what makes us worthy to live, over artificial life forms. Roy Batty quotes: “I’ve done.. questionable things…” He is a replicant, but as an audience we begin to consider that we all have done questionable things, so do we deserve to live? This challenges the idea of ‘good and bad’, because we begin to understand that no one is fully either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The morality of killing artificial intelligence, especially when they understand life and want to live. This is an important message conveyed in ‘Blade runner’ and effects the audience as it makes us consider the impact technology advances could have on us in the…show more content…
In lots of ways, ‘replicants’ are technically perfect. They have desirable bodies and can do what they are programmed to do perfectly. Humans on the other hand, have individuality and free thinking. But if humans can manufacture androids that can think, feel and function the same as us, what makes us superior? ‘Blade runner’ shows how humans idea of superiority is very fragile, and it raises many questions about the ethical considerations of Artificial Intelligence. ‘Blade runner’ leads the audience to us consider how beneficial and humane artificial intelligence creation is, as well as questioning issues of humanity. We consider how we currently and into the future will view women, disability, status and race, which makes it a powerful film that is still relevant in society
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