Analysis Of The Article ' Extra Large ' Please By Alice M. Davies

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Obesity Complications
Obesity occurs when an individual has accumulated a lot of body fat that results in a negative effect on their health. These negative effects can range from having diabetes or congestive heart failure. Studies show that obesity is a lot more common in the African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian population that it is with Asians (Mary Ferguson) , 2). In today’s society the younger children are adapting to bad habits. The majority of kids in America are becoming obese. It is not the fact that these kids were born to obesity. It 's the simple fact that majority of these kids are not acquiring the proper encouragement at school, restaurants, or in home. In the article, “‘Extra Large’“, ‘Please written by Alice M. Davies she inserts several causes to lead of obesity. Alice Davies ' article clearly addresses the current concern regarding childhood obesity, which I agree with.

There are many causes and effects to childhood obesity. In the article" 'Extra Large, ‘Please," Alice Davies explains the growing problem of childhood obesity. At first, the writer uses an anecdote from her childhood of criticism. This anecdote forms an idea of the desires kids have and the difficulty of turning down delicious meals. Through the beginning of this article, Alice applies the past to bring forward the present cause. Furthermore, Davies inserts vivid details and obesity facts in order to show that it is a real problem in our nation. Undeniably, there are several different factors that are presented in this write-up. The lack of opportunities, electronic entertainment, and parental supervision stems from becoming obese. Currently, fast-food plays an importan...

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...Overall, I still stand that parents have a direct effect on the obesity of their child.

In closing, I agree with Alice Davies perception in the things that she said in her article. The majority of American kids are becoming obese leaving them without a great future. Kids nowadays rather eat junk-food while watching television because it somehow comforts them. This act of behavior needs to be stop because it is bad for our society. The kids in our society should be fully energetic and healthy. It is better to have a healthy society than an unhealthy one. Family homes should be serving healthy food/limiting time of commercials, schools should banned junk-food machines, and restaurants could limit the amount of calories in their food to ameliorate the society. Lastly, it is the job of Americans to do something about this growing national public health disaster.
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