Analysis Of Starbucks Coffee

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This paper will focus on some significant factors that have to affect the marketplace of the coffee industry. This market domain has grown massively over the years. It is still unknown where and how coffee was initially discovered. Though, now coffee is popular and grown in more than 50 countries around the worlds such as Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Only about 67 percent of the world’s coffee grows in America. (Ledbetter,2015). The overall marketplace performance is influenced by economic influences, consumer behavior, a legal association, and sustainability. In the United States coffee is the most preferred hot beverage and on average $21 spent on coffee per week (…show more content…
As the coffee production is relatively labor-intensive industry and takes a lot of people efforts and hard work to produce a cup of coffee. The future of coffee relies on the sustainability as per the International Coffee Organization (ICO) 25milliom families depend on growing and selling beans and the climates changes is the extremely important factor for these people as they life depend on it. Therefore, improving and changing condition in this origin, reducing emissions and create eco-friendly facilities. It will help Starbucks’ revenue as the price of coffee will not change because of the weather conditions…show more content…
There is potential growth for expanding in overseas and that will also Starbucks to be stability in the United States market. Starbucks has seen expansion International has been massive in the recent years. Starbucks has opened 1,744 locations throughout the region such as Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand ( In Japan, the Starbucks has 1,000 stores which have the second largest market in the retail sales. The Starbucks has been growing massively internationally.
Moreover, Starbucks has maintained to change the level of productively of their product for customer satisfaction. More $4 billion is loaded in the Starbucks prepaid cards in North America. Starbucks also use ways to improve customer service, customer loyalty, and customer experience. As in the recent Starbucks allow its customer to order in advance and pick up their drinks when is ready at nearest Starbucks. Starbucks has gold card member which gold members earn 2 stars for each $1 they
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