Analysis Of Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday (SBS) is an annual event celebrated the Saturday after Black Friday and sponsored by American Express. The goal of this event is to bring traffic into small businesses, in the local area, to increase their revenue. According to Forbes (2015), “the total spending among U.S consumer who were aware of Small Business Saturday reached $16.2 billion, an increase of 14 percent from $14.3 billion in 2014.” This is the shopping season of the year, and this statistic proves that SBS is gaining awareness and consumer dollars into local businesses in the U.S. Every year, the Districts of the City of Orlando participate in the Small Business Saturday. This year, our client Mills 50 is looking for new and fresh ideas to reach a larger…show more content…
Many businesses are choosing not to be included in the community events and are not taking advantage of the free promotions made possible by the district community. Mills 50 has over 80 business that are part of the District and they all have the final verdict on whether or not their business will be included in any upcoming events. In 2013, only 13 businesses volunteer to engage in Small Business Saturday (Mills 50). Additionally, one of the requirements for the Small Business Saturday is that the businesses must accept American Express as a payment method. Mills 50’s challenge is to encourage the local business owners, to not only accept American Express but to also be part of the Small Business…show more content…
Customers can get real-time special offers and discounts based on their location. This is an app that was created for the ten Central Florida Districts, including Mills 50. The problem is that the business owners are not technology-savvy and they do not have the understanding of how the app works, and the benefits that come with it. Only 18 of the 80+ businesses are currently utilizing the app and taking advantage of the profit that mobile marketing can bring to their businesses. According to Piejko (2016), “82% of smartphone users say they consult their phone during shopping in a physical location.” Therefore, using the Distrx app will allow consumers to not only received special offers but also bring an increase in profit to these small businesses. On the other hand, consumers may not be aware of the app because businesses are not promoting its use.

Finally, Joanne Grant, the executive director of Mills 50, is the only one that manages the social media accounts of Mills 50. She is also the one that organizes the events and maintains the relationship with the businesses. As you can see, she has an extreme amount of work and it is too much for one person to complete. Indeed, it would be beneficial for her to have the help of
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