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In the 21st century, small and large, private and public businesses are all aiming towards economic growth. The small business marketplace is extremely dynamic and the changes are fast. Here are some facts from the US Small Business Administration on small businesses. There are about 30 million small businesses in the United States and employ just over half of the country’s private workforce. They employ a staggering 40% of high tech workers such as computer professionals, scientists and engineers. More than half of the small businesses are home-based businesses and two percent of them are franchises. One of the most important aspects is the fact that a majority of innovations in the United States come from small businesses. In 2008, there were 627,200 new businesses that started, 596,600 businesses that were closed and 43,546 companies that filed for bankruptcy. According to business experts, of all the small business startups, one-third of them are profitable and successful, a third of them just about break-even and the rest of them are down with negative earnings Some buyer’s develops as independent business owners, while others are more likely to prosper as franchise owners. According to a recent report by the Small Business Administration (2007), the United States had approximately 26.8 million small business firms in 2006. In fact, as recently reported by Moutray (2006), most firms in the U.S., are very small and account for about half of the country's non-farm real GDP. Over the past decade small business has generated 60–80% of new jobs annually. In reality, there are easy answers to the independent business versus franchise dilemma. Although, a franchise system offers benefits to owners such as brand recognition, to inc...

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... towards ensuring employee satisfaction and effectiveness as a way through organizational success and profitability will be enhanced. Consequently, robust leadership will eventually affect the success and profitability of small business. These leadership and management hence need to be employee motivation towards adaptation of organizational vision and mission. Small business have to improve their operations, various leadership and management models should importantly be utilized. This study, therefore, through a series of cases studies of small business, seeks to analyses the experiences of companies that have tried to expand using small business models. As such it provides a richer insight into those factors that influence small business growth.

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