Analysis Of Rosalyn Schanzer's Witches: The Salem Witch Trials

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In Rosalyn Schanzer’s Witches! The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem, many people have realized that the witch trials may have started for a variety of reasons. In the witch trials, people started accusing the innocent, saying that they have bewitched either themselves or someone else. The trials took place in the little town of Salem. In Salem, the majority of the citizens had beliefs in the Puritan religion, which is where they believe word for word the bible. Some of the possible reasons as to why the Salem witch trials started could be peer pressure / bribery, illness and/or emotion, and something that happened in the past, for example grudges that people might have. The first reason as to why the Salem witch trials could have started is peer pressure or bribery. An idea that was brought up solving why the judges believed everything that the afflicted said could have been because he / she was being bribed by Reverend Parris or any of the other parents of afflicted children. This could have happened because Reverend Parris was very high up in their society, meaning he had a lot of power over the people, so if he told the judges something they might have believed it. Also, there was peer pressure. Peer pressure is very similar to bribery, but it doesn’t involve money. It is horrid that the judges …show more content…

It could have started due to peer pressure / bribery, illness / emotion, or even something that had happened in the past prior to the trials. However, some people do not believe that these are some of the possible causes of the trials. Some believe that the witch trials could have started because of their strong belief in their religion. The trials could have started from more than one cause. However, people might not figure out the actual cause of the trials, even if there are many theories that are very likely to pinpoint what

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