Analysis Of Perseus And Andromeda

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Love at First Sight A prominent actress once said, “I believe love at first sight is possible. Centuries of literature and art and beauty has been dedicated to that idea… (Maggie Grace)”. That precise idea is certainly grasped in numerous Greek works, and when it comes to the myth of Perseus and Andromeda, it is something that cannot be questioned nor defeated. It pertains to the legend of two strangers, who come across one another by coincidence, when Andromeda, a beautiful princess, sees herself in trouble, and Perseus, son of Zeus, intertwines with her magnificent looks, and helps in her liberation. The love and affection they mutually have towards one another, can be depicted in the painting “Perseus and Andromeda”, painted in 1891 by…show more content…
That is where Andromeda’s mother shackled her, and left her for dead, to be surrendered to the sea giant named Cetus, who was brought by, the god of the seas, Poseidon. His order awakened an evil and dark creature to guard the kingdom of Ethiopia who was reigned by the queen, Cassiope. Andromeda’s sacrifice deal was triggered by her mother’s bragging, about how beautiful Andromeda was, more beautiful than the sea nymphs, who were the daughters of Poseidon. The nymphs heard the rumors of what she believed, and they protested to their father, who then retaliated by calling up the malevolent…show more content…
Her innocence can be seen by the white glow that shines off of her gentle soft skin. Her body language displays fear, but hopefulness and faith at the same time. Her arms are snarled behind her back, meticulously touching the black and evil creature to demonstrate how near she is to witnessing hell, but the clothes that she is wearing are almost off, and that is to depict that soon she would be unbound from her taker. Perseus sees the princess in misery, and releases the glorious arrow that perforates through the tough, thick, and obscure skin of the being. Almost immediately Cetus, the monster that once lay in between the two, apprehends that he would soon be overpowered by the muscle of the son of Zeus, and that Perseus was stronger than he ever

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