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The title of this section in my Bible is “No One Knows That Day and Hour”. This perfectly summarizes the portion of scripture that we are looking at. To reiterate, this episode is saying point blank that no one, not even Jesus or the Holy Spirit know the day that Jesus is coming back. Only God the Father knows the time of Jesus’ return. At the end of this section we are reminded to always be ready for Christ’s return (Green, 2001). These verses put emphasis on how we as Christians are to live while we wait for Jesus’ return. We are to live our lives for God while we are waiting for the coming of His Son. On the day that Christ comes, He should find that we were faithfully serving Him while he awaited His arrival. This section also warns Christians not to become weary and turn to a sinful lifestyle because they grew impatient of waiting on the Lord’s coming. For those who lose hope of Christ’s return and fall back into sin will go to hell. This first part of…show more content…
The message is straightforward and tells us that we should be preparing for the coming of the Lord. Although in Journey into God’s Word we are advised to look for the differences in what a text meant back then to what it means now, I believe that the message is the same to the audience in biblical times as it is to us today (Duvall & Hays, 2008, p.15-16). I know that I personally need to remember Matthew 25:10. As I go throughout my day I often find myself getting caught up in what this world has to offer and forgetting that my true purpose is preparing for Christ’s return. I don’t want to put the Lord’s second coming on the back burner of my mind though and be left behind due to my unpreparedness. These stories serve as a reminder to me that each day I need to be living my life for Christ and telling others about His saving love because not only do we not know which day will be our last but we also do not know when Jesus will return

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