The Book of Colossians

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The book of Colossians is a letter to the church of Colossae, encouraging them to continue their walk in the faith, of which Paul has ascribed to, and resist the philosophy and empty deceit of human tradition. This passage specifically, Colossians 1:15-23, is meant to establish the supremacy Christ and the sufficiency of his sacrifice on the cross. From this passage, a rather simple truth is found: do not attempt to add on to what is already complete and sufficient. Christ came to this earth fully God and fully man – he was perfect. Through his perfection, he was able to make the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Christ was then able to present man “holy and blameless and irreproachable” before God. Man does not need to do anything else to gain that gift of salvation except to continue in the faith and hold steadfast to the hope of the gospel.
This principle is validated by the historical context of this passage, as seen by the archeological finds in the Lycus Valley, in which Colossae was located. In that area, archeologists found amulets inscribed with prayers to angels, asking for protection against evil spirits. It is reasonable to conclude that the people had called upon these angels for protection rather than completely relying on God. However, the greatest fault of the people of Colossae was not in seeking protection against evil spirits but in whom they sought that protection from. All things were created through Christ – it is he who has ultimate power over all things in heaven and earth, whether visible or invisible, thrones or dominions, rulers or powers. Anything that detracts from his supremacy over all things does not hold true to the gospel in which all men are to affirm.
This principle is also upheld thr...

... middle of paper ... simple truth we learn that man must acknowledge when his work is complete and then chose to focus on that which is better and cannot be taken away from us – time spent in communion with the Lord, memories shared with loved ones, and rest. But, most importantly, from this passage we learn that man must not put his faith in anyone or anything else but the Lord, for he is sufficient to provide for our needs and desires. He knows each person before their birth, he gives each of them a purpose in life, salvation from their sins, a place to dwell God’s presence after death, and selfless love. Man’s only true need is salvation from the sins that have condemned him. The only way to receive that salvation is through faith in God. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross has allowed man to do that, anything more is futile for he alone is sufficient and his work is complete.
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