Analysis Of Ned's Declassified School Newspaper

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In an episode of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide titled “School Newspaper,” the trio of Ned, Cookie, and Moze join the schools newspaper. At first neither one of the three best friends want to be there, but soon get interested once they start investigating. After doing some intense digging, they discover that there is twenty thousand dollars missing from the James K. Polk Middle School’s maintenance budget. The missing money is very crucial to the schools development. The ceiling tile is falling on student’s heads which are causing concussions, the lockers are worn down, and the walls need to be repainted. The trio goes and investigates that the person stealing the schools money is no other than the guy in charge that was supposed…show more content…
The perpetrator had no intentions on stealing from the more private school right around the block, even though there was more money in the private school. He knew that people would not care as much if money was stolen from a public minority school. It is sad to think that a fictional middle school will not get the same amount of equality as opposed to a respected private school. Government funded schools are in a way like the burglars that always fall short and never get a chance to steal the diamond and achieve their goal. In my opinion, I believe that the only way that schools will ever stand a chance at providing equality would be if they government shut down every entire private school. It has had a deep impact on authors such as Kozol’s, Tatum’s, and even Ravitch’s who have all put their thought in their essays on how the private schools do stand superior compared to regular schools. Private schools provide so many advantages that belittle minority…show more content…
No one is judged based on where they come from, the only thing that matters is your grades and test scores. They should speak volumes for itself and help you succeed. There isn’t a gap that is created by having a fancy school on your transcript. Having a private school on your transcripts creates like an italic and bold font to that person which stands out among a regular person with an ordinary font. Destroying all those that foster an unequal playing field is a huge disadvantage to those who can’t afford. Some would say that those who attend private schools are nothing more than flashy wealthy people trying to prove that their kid is better than local minority inner city school kids, but there shouldn’t be a price tag on education when it’s provided free by the
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