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The well written novel My Mothers Secret By J.L Witterick is one of the best novels I have read in quite a while. The message being told is so powerful. The setting of the story is being told during the Holocaust’s dark times. The characters in the story are brave individuals that went out of their way to help others to survive. For instance, Helena, a young hard working lady with limited education and her mother, Franciszka have to make a rough decision that could land them six feet underground. They go out of their way to save lives of other individuals that have also helped them throughout their lives. The themes being shown amongst the novel is Virtuous versus Malicious, things are not always as they appear, and man versus him-self.…show more content…
One day she decides to find a job to repay her brother Damian for all that he has done. With their father gone, Damian becomes the man of the house, providing for his mother and sister by working. Helena decides to find a job as a secretary doing type writing, which she is substantially great at. During her interview this young, handsome and charismatic man named Casmir Kowalski is questioning Helena to see what type of qualifications and personality she has. He ends up hiring her, due to how honest she is. Casmir and Helena end up getting closer and closer through time. Casmir is a half German and Jewish. His wealthy father hides his son from the rest of the family because he was a product of a forbidden affair. Casmir plays a huge role in the novel. Helena ends up falling in love with Casmir. Out of love, he helps Helena and their family with food, money and respect. Casmir and Helena’s love is a distraction for the unfortunate experiences that Hitler caused. They use this distraction as a coping mechanism. Knowing that they may die any moment, makes their love even stronger than ever. Casmir proposes to Helena, they become sole mates and he end up wanting to save Helena by bringing her with him to his upper-class apartment his father purchased for him in Germany. Her conscious does not allow her to abandon her mother during these times. Helena’s kind-hearted and loyal…show more content…
This section begins with a situation where Bronek is sticking up for his younger brother, Dawid. One day after Dawin returns from school with a bloody nose from a bully name Resnit. Bronek’s characteristic as a protector is shown through this experience. Bronek then looks for Resnit, and assaults him. Bronek and his brother are quite opposites. Bronek is seen as a handy man, instead of going to school he worked with his father. Dawin on the other hand, was book smart. Their family lives in Sokal,Poland.One sad day, his father passes away and Bronek is pushed to achieve his full potential to provide for his household. Dawin mentions that he will never be as great and well- respected as his father. At the age of eighteen, he realizes that hard work will pay off. After six years of hard work and reliability, the higher-ups began to see what a skilled worker he was. His determination allowed him to move up the ladder. He carried his father’s belief for a united family, working together to achieve greatness. Once Bronek became manager of the company he hires Dawin; as book keeper and allows his worn- out mother to resign her working days. In return, she hires a match maker for her sons. The matchmaker introduces two young ladies;Anelie and Bryda. Bronek marries Anelie and Dawin marries Bryda. Anelie is a strong minded woman with a son named Walter. Bronek becomes fond of this

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