Analysis Of Martha Burt's Cultural Myths And Supports For Rape

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Throughout Martha Burt’s article, Cultural Myths and Supports for Rape, she expresses her stance on rape myths. Burt defines rape myths in her article by “testing the hypothesis derived from social psychological and feminist theory that acceptance of rape myths can be predicted from attitudes such as sex role stereotyping, adversarial sexual beliefs, sexual conservatism, and acceptance of interpersonal violence.” (Burt 217) I believe that it is only right to say that it is practical to state her definition could have its place in cultural history because the fact of rape has been around forever. In her article, Burt states two major implications: first off, many Americans do indeed believe many rape myths. Second, their rape attitudes are strongly …show more content…

I could not agree more. When people here some crazy rape story of something going wrong, a lot of the time it is true. Although it is very sad to say, people must accept the fact that this has been happening for a long time now but has recently been slowing down. For example, Burt conducted a sample in which individuals agree with statements such as states “A woman who goes to the home or apartment of a man on the first date implies she is willing to have sex” and "In the majority of rapes, the victim was promiscuous or had a bad reputation," and “when the same number think that 50% or more of reported rapes are reported as rape only because the woman was trying to get back at a man she was angry with or was trying to cover up an illegitimate pregnancy, the world is indeed not a safe place for rape victims.” (Burt 229) Many people in today’s generation know right from wrong as they are usually taught as young teens. In many cases, if a woman does not want to have sex, it will not happen. Then again, in few other cases, the matter of rape will come up in which it hurts a woman for life. The matter of rape is extremely serious and can effect an individual forever, which is why people need to think before they

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