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Kimberly Campos
British Literature
Mrs. Ruiz
Love is Everywhere Poems are very complex to understand but also is the most expressed pieces of writing that will tell you a whole story in a matter of fourteen lines. There are a lot of types of poems, some may rhyme and some may not, some may be longer than other and some are so short that most people don’t understand them. The secret behind a good poem is what the writer is feeling while writing. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous poets in all history and its very influential that most teenagers have to learn his biography and his poems because these are now part of the basics of literature. He created sonnets called Shakespearean sonnets which are poems about love
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Tone is very important when we talk about love because tone can actually tell us the whole story. It sets how the speaker is feeling and what we can foreshadow from that which in this case might be rejection. In sonnet 18, since his lover is compared to the summer's day, it has a calm tone, a mood that sets a lovely feeling which can be interpreted as the first stage which is falling in love and feeling the butterflies. Sonnet 29 is the opposite because this stage of love falling in love but not completely, he still has a lot on his mind because he first starts to talk about his life and how he sees his life very miserable. He compares himself with friends and how his social and economic life is very different from others but his tone changes by the end of the sonnet by remembering his lover who makes him feel the riches man alive now feeling like a king. Sonnet 116 tone is serious and describes how love is everywhere and love actually chooses you and who you fall in love with, he also insisted that true love exist and that you just have to let true love get to you. Sonnet 130 follows sonnet 116 because it gives an example of what true love really is because in this sonnet, the speaker is telling how his mistress is very beautiful and even though she might not be as beautiful, he sees her as the most perfect things and that’s the important thing. Watching someone as normal as anyone but finding something so perfect is true love. In the last two sonnets, the speaker's tone is similar and different from the first two because in the last ones, even though it might be seen as an illusion, since love makes you feel that way, they don’t forget what true love has to be and that everyone deserves to have true love and not just a temporary
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