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In an article I read written on July 13, 2014 by Ken Bain “Flummoxed by Failure-or Focused?” he discussed how there are two types of students the “helpless” student who think they aren 't smart enough and the “mastery” or “growth” students who will try everything before they cave in and how students the “hopeless” students think their intelligence is fixed. Also in an interview with Ken Bain conducted by the Project Information Literacy on October 10, 2012 , Mr. Bain discussed more of his view on learning like that you don 't learn from your experiences, but about thinking about your experience which is a process he called “deep learning”. He also discusses issues with strategic learner who basically only perform for the high grade and don 't ask questions after they get their answer. Many students have this notion that learning is all about getting a high grade and once they have it they are done, But if they do it just for the grade it can cause some serious problems, they won’t learn how to deep learn, and it can maybe affect their career.
Worrying too much about grades can cause students serious problems like not really understanding the work, make them not feel smart enough and lose interest in school and can cause anxiety and other health issues. In the article Mr. Bains said “ Indeed, there are several problems with strategic learners” (Project Information Literacy October 10, 2012 page1/4). One of the problems is students don 't really understand what they are learning if once they reach that high grade they want they will just stop. I am very guilty of only performing for the grade because I did it all throughout high school. I was taught that getting an A was the highest grade you can get so once I reached that A I...

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... question things and after getting an answer still question it. In today 's world we have a lot of routine experts because so much of today 's students are focusing too much on the grade which causes them not to become adaptive experts. By these students not being adaptive experts in their career they won 't be able to solve unusual problems and won 't be able to make a change in their career. Some of these routine experts can be the best in their field but by them plugging in numbers and getting answer keep sthen back because they don 't question the answer.
Ultimately, by these students tieing their self image to getting the highest possible grade it can lead them to some serious Problems, the students not learning to their full potential, and negatively affect their career. Grades play a role in education but grades should not define a student like it does today.

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