Metacognition And Multiple Intelligence Essay Examples

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We were taught in elementary school that if we study then well do perfect on tests, the only problem is we were never really taught how to study the ways that benefits us best. We were never taught what methods of studying help you on tests and how to make the material stick in your mind so you won’t just forget. That’s why the study of metacognition and multiple intelligence is now being used in classrooms and at home to better prepare the student for upcoming tests. Metacognition is being able to take charge, be aware and understand your own learning and thought process. Multiple intelligence is the theory that people aren’t born dumb but that they have naturally inherited sections of intelligence that aren’t realized in the brains of everyone.…show more content…
When we were younger we were told that when we study all we have to do it look over your notes and then we will do well on the test. The only problem is that just looking over notes doesn’t mean that, that’s all that’s going to prepare you for the test. That’s where metacognition comes in. Metacognition is more than just looking over some notes to study with. It’s being to be completely involved in your thought process of what you learning. Metacognition is important because this way when you take a test you stay more relaxed and have a better idea of what’s going to be on the test. By thinking about what you think is going to be on the test and teachers helping you understand what is necessary to study you’ll be more confident and relaxed when you take the test knowing that you know what exactly you need to know. When you’re more confident and relaxed you’ll do better than if you were scared and unprepared for the test. Another reason metacognition is important because it helps with learning information that stays in your mind rather than just learning information for the test and then just forgetting it all which happens a lot in school. Lot of schools and teachers teach their students what they are going to need to know for the test, so the students just memorize the information rather than actually learning it. Metacognition helps you actually understand what…show more content…
With music being my greatest area that means that I remember things best when it is associated with music or rhythm. I feel like music being my greatest area of intelligence makes sense because when I am trying to study I have a hard time memorizing and remembering what I am studying but when I try to put what I’m studying to music or a rhyme I remember it much better because can just remember the rhythm which helps me remember the words that go along with it. Music also seems to help me because when I study I cannot have complete silence because start to get distracted with things around me in the room I also can’t have music with lyrics playing in the background or I start to sing along to it and can’t focus. The best way is when I play music with no lyrics because then when I try to remember what I studied I think of the music that was playing when I studied it and it helps me remember what I
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