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Is homosexuality considered a choice to have or not? Homosexuality is something someone is born with. Someone can not just choose whether they are straight, bisexual, pansexual, or homosexual. People sometimes want to be one, but they end up being the other, which is not their choice. People go through life thinking being a homosexual is considered a choice and for attention, but that isn’t at all what people do that for. In “Is Homosexuality a Choice?” the article states: “Supporting gay marriage becomes equivalent to supporting the construction of wheelchair ramps. The ‘gays can’t help being that way’ approach is reminiscent of the old view of homosexuality as a psychiatric illness” (Mallory, Marcia, Scientific American). This is saying…show more content…
Not meaning necessarily your dad or mom but maybe their cousin or your aunt or uncle, literally anyone that is in your family that is above your generation. In the article “How our genes could make us gay or straight”, Jenny Graves claims: “We can detect genetic variants that produce differences between people by tracking traits in families that display differences. Patterns of inheritance reveal variants of genes (called “alleles”) that affect normal differences, such as hair color, or disease states, such as sickle cell anemia. Quantitative traits, such as height, are affected by many different genes, as well as environmental factors” (Graves, Jenny, The Washington Post). Graves is stating that there are many things in the human affected by genes, and that being gay or straight is affected by genes. Genes could tell you a lot about the human, from height, to dangerous diseases. Not saying that being gay is a disease because it is obviously not. Homosexualty is…show more content…
Paul Mountjoy wrote the article “Modern science says homosexuality is not a choice” and states: “The question of whether homosexuality is a choice remains on the front lines of criticisms, as many in common society believe one chooses to be lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). However, 40 years of study indicates homosexuality is not a personal choice. The APA has declared LBG as not a mental illness or disorder with no identifiable dissimilar psychopathology, as both heterosexual and homosexual behaviors are normal aspects of human sexuality” (Mountjoy, Paul, Washington Times). This article fully states that not only is being homosexual isn’t a disease, but also that there is no choice in being straight, gay, or even bisexual. That they are normal aspects of human nature. They said there is “no identifiable dissimilar psychopathology”, meaning that it is normal to be gay or

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