Analysis Of Hamlet: Prince Of Denmark

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Hamlet: prince of Denmark Arland Sidoel 5V1

Primary information

Title: Hamlet: prince of Denmark
Author: William Shakespeare
Year of publication: 1603
Number of pages: 239


Hamlet's father, the past king of Denmark, is dead. His mother married the brother of his father, soon after he died. Hamlet loves his father very much, and he does not think his father's death was 'normal', but he thinks it was a murder.

Some waiters had seen a ghost at the castle, and it looked like the spirit of Hamlet's father. When Hamlet talks to the spirit, it says that it was the spirit of his father. Claudius and Hamlet's mother murders him and Hamlet has taken revenge. He must kill Claudius, but must not
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The subtitle is ‘prince of Denmark’ because his father is the king of Denmark.

The play is a tragedie. Many characters die in the end of the story including Hamlet.

Hamlet: Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and the son of the death king. He lets the people think that he’s crazy, so he can avenge his father's death.
Claudius: Claudius is the uncle of Hamlet. He’s now the king of Denmark, because he married Gertrude. Hamlet thinks that Claudius killed the king. Gertrude: Gertrude is the queen of Denmark. She’s the mother of Hamlet. Laertes: Son of Polonius Polonius: Polonius is the Chief counsellor to the king.

The main theme of the novel is revenge. Hamlet wants to revenge his father’s death.

The story takes place in a castle in Denmark. It isn’t clear when the story takes place. However, it doesn’t matter when the story takes place. The story takes probably takes place a few year for the publication and not after the publication.

The novel has 5 acts with different scenes. Every act takes place in a different location and a different time. In every scene there’s a new topic introduced. This helps the audience to help understand the story
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Subjects from the past are discussed in conversations between the characters. So there aren’t any flashbacks or flashforwards.

The novel is a play. This means that the story is told with conversations between the characters. Sometimes it becomes clear what Hamlet is thinking, because he says his opinion aloud. Shakespeare uses a lot of metaphors is his play. This makes the story easier or sometimes harder to read, because you have to know that he’s using a metaphor and not meaning it litteral. The story has a closed end, because many characters die in the end, for instance Claudius and Hamlet.

William Shakespeare is still considered the most influential and the best playwright ever. He wrote a total of 37 plays and 136 sonnets. He was sponsored by King James I and built his own theatre (The Globe) in London. Shakespeare’s plays can be divided into Histories, Tragedies and Comedies. All of the plays have comedic aspects, a serious message and a lot of verbal references to life in those times. Language which refers to the setting of the scenes was needed as there were no props. Where the language fell short,Shakespeare created his own words. Many of these words are still in use
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