Hamlet Scene Analysis

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Hamlet Essay- scene with the play

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is filled with many schemes and situations that are a challenge to interpret. The play centers around Hamlet, whose uncle murdered his father and married his mother. Certainly no one could blame Hamlet for appearing a little bit crazy after having to deal with that type of trauma. There are several times during Hamlet when Prince Hamlet appears to be crazy. What makes assessing the prince’s mental state more challenging is the fact that Prince Hamlet sets up a play within the play to expose his uncle for killing his father. Hundreds of years after Shakespeare first wrote Hamlet in 1603, scholars still disagree over whether Prince Hamlet is actually
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In reality Hamlet is not actually mad he is just acting for various reasons. One main reason is to prove that Claudius actually killed his father. In an earlier scene the ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius killed his father and Hamlet has trouble believing him. He stages this play for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from Claudius. If Claudius is indeed guilty he will react in a way that reveals the truth. Hamlet is convinced that “The play is the thing Wherin I 'll catch the conscience of the King” (pg 119). He is certain the actors will bring out the truth. During rehearsal, Hamlet repeatedly looks over at Claudius to see if he reveals any signs that he is guilty. Normally Hamlet would be perceived as crazy for believing what the ghost said about Claudius or even just believing he could be speaking to a ghost. There is a possibility that Hamlet 's subconscious is being mistaken for a ghost. In the back of his mind Hamlet truly believes that Claudius is a murderer and that the ghost is his way of explaining it. He does not tell anyone about the ghost because that would add onto his insanity to an extreme level (idk if i want to put this in). This could be one main reason as to why Hamlet feels he needs to prove Claudius guilty before acting on it. He wanted to put on this play to validate his suspicions about Claudius 's guilt. Another possibility for Hamlet to put on this play is to show to the public…show more content…
While Hamlet is speaking to Gertrude she tells him “O Hamlet, speak no more!” (pg 175) and “These words like daggers enter in my ear” (pg 177). They both really stress just how powerful speech is. When Gertrude says these things to Hamlet it is like telling him not to be who he is because speech is like everything for Hamlet. Speech is the way Hamlet expresses himself and it also is a huge part of why people see him as crazy. These words are making Gertrude feel a little crazy just as it happened to Ophelia after the news of Polonius ' death and Hamlet supposedly “acting” crazy. No one knows for sure if Hamlet is actually insane but the way he phrases his sentences cause people to believe he is insane. At times when Hamlet is speaking about his belief that Claudius killed his father Gertrude may want to believe that he is crazy. She has convinced herself that Hamlet is crazy in order to make herself feel better. She may feel like a terrible person for marrying Claudius if this was true and so she does not want to believe it. Although Gertrude does not show much grief when she heard about Hamlet’s opinion on Claudius it may be because she is having a hard time accepting

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